Autocomplete-Optimization marketing provides a strategic solution to outmaneuver your competition through Search Box Optimization. This is a unique approach where thinking “inside-the-box” can offer the edge you require.

Autocomplete-Optimization gets results

Until now, businesses had to rely on SEO strategies to rank on the top of the first page and also pay for each click from customers through pay-per-click campaigns to compete effectively. However, with Autocomplete-Optimization, you can skip your competitors, remove the need for pay-per-click campaigns, and own the complete organic search results.

We call it search box optimization

Our Autocomplete-Optimization program utilizes search box optimization to position your company name in a prime location where everyone looks: the search box. Your company will appear in the auto-suggestions box on search engines, giving the impression that people are recommending you or that you have the most authority. This will increase the likelihood that customers will choose your company over others. With Google and Bing suggesting your business, why wouldn’t they?
Thinking “inside the box” with Search Box Optimization
Our Autocomplete-Optimization program utilizes search box optimization to ensure that your company name appears prominently in the search box, the very spot where users input their queries. By optimizing the auto-suggestions, your company name will show up, giving the impression that people are recommending you or that you have the most authority in that area. This will naturally lead people to choose your company over others. With Google and Bing suggesting your company, why not give your customers the satisfaction of choosing you?

Take the whole page

We can help you reach more customers by getting your business in front of them.
You worked hard to build your business.

Newer companies with less experience in your industry are outcompeting you because they have more online experience. However, being more tech-savvy doesn’t necessarily mean they can serve customers better.

We’ve seen companies that have been around for 40 years losing ground to newer businesses who dominate online. But now you can reclaim your rightful place.

Autocomplete-Optimization puts your company name in front of every customer searching for your product or service. It ensures that your company appears at the top of the search results, allowing you to move back into first place. Don’t let newer companies beat you out – take advantage of Autocomplete-Optimization.


“It is where the search engines recommend the user to go.”

The majority of American shoppers only browse the first page of search results.

It’s common knowledge that very few people bother to look beyond the first page of search results.

Typically, consumers will scan the first page, and if they don’t find what they’re looking for, they’ll tweak their search terms and try again.

By utilizing our Autocomplete-Optimization program, your company can appear in the suggestion box offered by Google and Bing.

When customers search for your product or service, your company will show up as a suggestion in the search engine’s autocomplete feature.

This gives consumers the confidence they need to buy from you, knowing that you are a top recommendation by the search engine.

If you are unsure which keyword to use, we can assist you.

Often, you may be aware of the keyword phrases that bring in customers, but at times you might be uncertain about which ones are the most effective. Don’t worry, we are here to assist you. Our team of professionals will collaborate with you to determine the optimal keywords for your industry.

Our aim is to establish a strong and enduring partnership with you, which begins with ensuring that you are using effective keyword phrases to attract new customers.

Once you place an order for Autocomplete-Optimization, our team will carefully evaluate the keyword phrases you have provided. If we identify any areas for improvement, we will contact you and conduct further research on the following factors:

  • Monthly search volume
  • Keyword competitiveness
  • Pay-per-click bid costs
  • Search intent (buyers vs. researchers)
  • Urgency of search phrases